We´re on hand whenever we´re needed. Wherever we´re needed.

Maximum competence and performance within a corporate group

The Freitag Group

The Freitag Group is a group of currently 25 independent companies operating throughout Europe. These either offer the entire service portfolio of the Freitag brand or have specialised, e.g. in personnel services in the field of "energy and supply", or in specific technologies such as process control technology or the construction of combined heat and power plants.

Everything from a single source

Around 2700 highly qualified employees at 25 locations throughout Europe implement forward-looking products and services. The results are customised individual and complex overall solutions for energy and media supplies. Everything from a single source.

Comprehensive know-how, a wide range of products and services and the most favourable terms

The Freitag Group brings together experience from a wide variety of business sectors, ensuring unrivalled know-how and an unreachable portfolio. And it does so on very good terms for our customers. Joint purchasing enables us to achieve favourable market prices for building materials, technical components and accessories, which we pass on directly to our customers.

Reliable contact and service partners any time and any place

Thanks to our network of our own reliable companies and partners, who all work at the same quality level, we can ensure that our customers have the best contact and service partner by their side at every location where our group of companies operates. Accordingly, with Freitag and its partners you´re never on your own.

Benefits that we can generate for our customers as a group

  • Extensive experience
  • Best possible employee deployment across companies
  • Transregional offers at a uniform level of performance and quality
  • Problem analysis from many angles
  • Consultation on problem solving, also on site
  • Provision of all trades from one supplier, leading to optimum workflows and trouble-free coordination

Benefits and incentives that we can offer our employees

  • Secure jobs
  • A solid mid-sized company with positive future-proof positioning
  • Company success thanks to satisfied regular customers
  • Varied work assignments
  • High levels of flexibility
  • Employment at different locations of the group possible
  • Exemplary work-life balance
  • Family atmosphere in spite of Europe-wide operations
  • Great helpfulness on the part of the company in private matters, too